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Thursday, 30 March 2017
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Sycophant Hex will be returning to the original separate archive system in April 2007.

A specific date for the re-opening of Ashwinder, Occlumency, Lumos, Pureblood and all of the other original archives will be announced near the end of March.

Please do not submit any stories to these original, traditional archives until further notice. These archives are not yet open for submissions and anything uploaded here will be automatically deleted.

If you wish to submit a story, it must be uploaded to Mage (at via the normal channels. All work accepted and posted to Mage will be automatically moved to the appropriate archive on this system before Mage is closed down permanently.

We also need your help. Please check your stories on Mage that were originally posted to the old Sycophant Hex archives before October 3, 2006. Any reviews posted on Mage to these stories will not be moved, so please copy and save any reviews you wish to keep, so you can move them back to the story they belong to on the original archives once we reopen them. Please note that if you have added chapters or stories since October, we will move those reviews for you, but all other reviews will NOT be moved and will no longer be available after Mage shuts down in April.

We appreciate your patience during this time. If you have any questions or concerns or are looking for updates, please refer to our user forums at .



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