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This is a WIP. SS/PS, CoS, GoF, part of OotP (US/UK) are included. HBP is also being worked on.

Last Updated: 4/12/06

Aberforth Dumbledore (Albus Dumbledore’s brother) GoF24 (US/UK) 
Abraxan horses – big and winged – OotP20 (US/UK) 
Abyssinian Shrivelfigs CoS15 (US/UK) 
Accidental Magic Reversal Department PoA3 (US/UK) 
Accidental Magic Reversal Squad (Oblivators) GoF6 (US/UK) [Dept of MA&C OotP7] 
Acid Pops (candy/sweet from Honeydukes) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Accio!  (incantation for the Summoning Charm) GoF6 (US/UK) 
Acromantula (Aragog) OotP16 (UK) 
acromantulas OotP16 (US) 
Age Line GoF16 (US/UK) 
Ageing Potion GoF12 (UK) 
Aging Potion GoF12 (US) 
Alastor “Mad-Eye” Moody GoF11 (US/UK) [Alastor GoF17] 
Albus Dumbledore SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Albus Percival Wulfric Brian Dumbledore (full name) OotP8 (US/UK) 
Alice Longbottom (Neville’s mum, original Order member) OotP9 (US/UK) 
All-Knowing (Trelawney and her Inner Eye) PoA11 (US/UK) 
Alohomora SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Alohomora Charm PS16 (UK) 
Alohomora charm SS16 (US) 
Alphard (Sirius Black’s uncle) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Amelia Bones (Head of the Dept of Magical Law Enforcement) OotP7 (US/UK) [Susan] 
Amelia Susan Bones (broad, square-jawed witch, very short grey hair, wears a monocle) OotP8 (US/UK) 
Amos Diggory (Cedric Diggory’s father) GoF6 (US/UK) 
Andromeda Black Tonks (Tonks mother. Married to Muggle-born Ted Tonks) 
Animagi PoA6 (US/UK) 
Animagus PoA16 (US/UK) (register w/ Improper Use of Magic Office) GoF26 
anti-cheating charms OotP31 (UK) 
Anti-Cheating Charms OotP31 (US) 
Anti-Cheating spell (teachers administer during test) SS/PS16 (US/UK) 
Anti-Dementor lessons PoA10 (UK) 
anti-dementor lessons PoA10 (US) 
Anti-Dark Force spell SS/PS15 (US/UK) 
Anti-Disapparation Jinx OotP36 (US/UK) 
anti-Muggle security GoF7 (US/UK) 
anti-Voldemort movement OotP9 (US/UK) 
Antonin Dolohov (DE named by Karkaroff) GoF30 (US/UK) 
Aparecium! (spell to make hidden writing appear) CoS13 (US/UK) 
Apollyon Pringle (previous caretaker) GoF31 (US/UK) 
apothecary PS5, PoA4, HBP6 (UK) 
Apothecary SS5, PoA4, HBP6 (US) 
Apparate PoA9 OotP3 (US/UK) 
Apparating GoF6 OotP1 (US/UK) 
Apparation test OotP4 (US/UK) 
Apparation Test Centre (Dept of Magical Transportation) OotP7 (UK) 
Apparation Test Center OotP7 (US) 
Apparition GoF6 (US/UK) 
Apparition point GoF6 (US/UK) 
Apparators OotP7 (US/UK) 
Arabella Doreen Figg (Mrs Figg. Squib) OotP8 (US/UK) 
Aragog CoS15 (US/UK) 
Araminta Meliflua (Mrs Black’s cousin, wanted legal Muggle-hunting) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Argus Filch (caretaker) SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Arithmancy CoS14 (US/UK) 
Armando Dippet (previous headmaster) CoS17 (US/UK) 
Arsenius Jigger SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Arthur Weasley (father – MoM) 
astronomy tower SS/PS15 (US/UK) 
Astronomy Tower PoA9(UK) OotP31 (US/UK) 
Astronomy tower PoA9 (US) 
Atrium (main lobby for MoM) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Augusta Longbottom (Neville’s grandmother) HBP3 (US/UK) 
Augustus Rookwood (DE named by Karkaroff. Spy. Dept of Mysteries) GoF30 (US/UK) 
Auror (Dark wizard/Dark-wizard catcher) GoF11 (US/UK) 
Auror Headquarters (Dept of MLE) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Auror Office HBP3 (UK) 
Auror office HBP3 (US) 
Auto-Answer Quills (cheating device) OotP31 (US/UK) 
Avada Kedavra (incantation for the killing curse/Killing Curse) GoF14 (US/UK) 
Avada Kedavra curse (flash of green light) GoF34 (UK) 
Avada Kedavra curse GoF34 OotP6 (US) 
Avada Kedavra Curse OotP6 (UK) 
Avery (DE, claimed under Imperius – part of graveyard circle) GoF27 (US/UK) 
Azkaban (wizard prison) CoS12 (US/UK) – middle of the North Sea HBP1 (US/UK) 
Azkaban fortress PoA3 (US/UK) 
Babbling Curse CoS10 (US/UK) 
Backfiring Jinx HBP5 (UK) 
backfiring jinx HBP5 (US) 
Bagman, Ludo (Dept of Magical Games and Sports) GoF5 (US/UK) [Ludovic GoF30] 
Bagnold, Millicent (Minister before Fudge) OotP5 (US/UK) 
Ballycastle Bats (professional Quidditch team) GoF22 (US/UK) 
Ban on Experimental Breeding OotP7 (US/UK) 
Bane (centaur: black hair and body) SS/PS15 (US/UK) 
Banished (used Banishing Charm) GoF26 (US/UK) 
Banishing Charm (opposite of Summoning Charm) GoF26 (US/UK) 
Banshee CoS7 (UK) 
banshee CoS7 (US) 
Barty Crouch GoF7 [Bartemius GoF16] (US/UK) 
Baruffio’s Brain Elixir (supposed brain stimulant) OotP31 (US/UK) 
Basilisk CoS16 OotP9 (UK) 
Basilisk/basilisk CoS16 (US) 
basilisk OotP9 (US) 
Bat-Bogey Hex (Ginny specialty) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Beast, Being and Spirit Divisions (Dept for R&C of MC) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Beaters (Quidditch position) SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Beauxbatons Academy of Magic GoF9 (US/UK) 
Befuddlement Draught OotP18 (US/UK) 
Belch Powder (Zonko’s) PoA8 (US/UK) 
Bellatrix Black Lestrange (DE. Married to Rodolphus Lestrange) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Benjy Fenwick (original Order. Killed) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Bertha Jorkins (MoM – Dept of Magical Sports. Killed by LV) GoF1 (US/UK) 
Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans SS6 GoF8 (US) 
Bertie Bott’s Every-Flavour Beans PS6 (UK) 
Bertie Botts’ Every-Flavour Beans GoF8 (UK) 
bezoar SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Bicorn hornCoS10 (UK) 
bicorn hornCoS10 (US) 
Bilius (Ron’s deceased uncle – Ron’s middle name) PoA6 (US/UK) 
Bill Weasley (1 – curse-breaker) 
Black, Alphard (Sirius’s uncle) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Black, Elladora (Sirius’s aunt. Began house-elf beheadings) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Black, Phineas Nigellus (Sirius’s g-g-grandfather. Headmaster of Hogwarts) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Black, Regulus (Sirius’s brother) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Black, Sirius SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Black sisters: Bellatrix, Andromeda, Narcissa (Sirius’s cousins) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Bladvak (pickaxe in Gobbledegook) GoF24 (US/UK) 
Blaise Zabini (Slytherin) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Blast-Ended Skrewts GoF13 (US/UK) 
Blibbering Humdinger (Luna creature) OotP13 (US/UK) 
Blood Blisterpod OotP14 (US/UK) 
Blood-Replenishing Potion OotP22 (US/UK) 
Blood-Sucking Bugbear CoS11 (US/UK) 
Bloody Baron (Slytherin ghost) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Bludgers (Quidditch ball – Beaters) SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
bluebell flames SS/PS16 (US/UK) 
Bluebottle: A Broom for All the Family GoF8 (US/UK) 
Bode (sallow-skinned, mournful-faced, sepulchral-voiced wizard. Unspeakable) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Bode (a long-term Spell Damage resident at St Mungo’s – Broderick) OotP23 (US/UK) 
boggart PoA7 OotP5 (US) 
Boggart PoA7 OotP5 (UK) 
Bonder (seals Unbreakable Vow) HBP2 (US/UK) 
Bones, Amelia (Susan’s aunt – Head of MLE) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Bones, Edgar (Original Order. Amelia Bones’s brother. Killed) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Bones, Susan (Hufflepuff. DA member) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Boomslang skin CoS10 GoF27 (UK) 
boomslang skinCoS10 GoF27 (US) 
Borgin and Burkes CoS4 HBP6 (US/UK) 
Bouncing Bulbs GoF18 (US/UK) 
Bowtruckles (stick-like tree guardians) OotP13 (UK) 
bowtruckles OotP13 (US) 
Bozo (photographer for the Daily Prophet) GoF24 (US/UK) 
Brain Room (Dept of Mysteries) OotP35 (US/UK) 
Broom Regulatory Control (Dept of Magical Transportation) OotP7 (US/UK) 
broomshed SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Broomstick Servicing Kit (written on box) PoA1 (US/UK) 
Broomstick Servicing Kit PoA1 (US/UK) GoF10 (UK) 
broomstick servicing kit GoF10 (US) 
Bryce, Frank (Riddles’ gardener) GoF1 (US/UK) 
Bubble-Head Charm GoF26 (US/UK) 
Bubotuber pus GoF13 (UK) 
bubotuber pus GoF13 (US) 
Buckbeak (hippogriff/Hippogriff) PoA6 (US/UK) 
Budleigh Babberton (last address of Slughorn before Hogwarts) HBP4 (US/UK) 
Bulbadox powder (causes boils – Weasley twins’ prank) OotP12 (UK) 
Bulbadox Powder OotP12 (US) 
Bulstrode, Millicent (Slytherin) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Burning Day (Fawkes) CoS12 (US/UK) 
Butterbeer PoA8 GoF17 OotP5 (UK) 
butterbeer PoA8 GoF17 OotP5 (US) 
Calming Draught OotP27 (US/UK) 
Canary Creams (Weasleys’ joke) GoF21 (US/UK) 
captain (Quidditch) OotP19 (US) 
Captain (Quidditch) OotP19 (UK) 
captain of Quidditch SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
captain of the Gryffindor team SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Caradoc Dearborn (Original Order. Disappeared, no body found) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Care of Magical Creatures class CoS8 (US/UK) 
Carrows (Death Eaters) HBP2 (US/UK) 
Cassandra Trelawney (celebrated Seer, g-g-grandmother to Sybill/Sibyll) OotP14 (US/UK) 
Cauldron Cakes SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Cedric Diggory (captain/Seeker of Hufflepuff Quidditch team) PoA9 (US/UK) 
Chairwizard of the International Association of Quidditch GoF8 (US/UK) 
Chamber of Secrets CoS9 (US/UK) 
Chameleon Ghouls CoS11 (US/UK) 
Chang, Cho (Ravenclaw, Seeker, one year ahead of Harry) PoA13 (US/UK) 
Charlie Weasley (2 – dragon-keeper) 
Charm Breakers (in UK books: curse breakers) GoF10 (US) 
Charms (Flitwick) SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Charmwork OotP29 (UK) 
Charm work OotP29 (US) 
Chasers (Quidditch position) SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Cheering Charms PoA15 (US/UK) 
Chimera – OotP21 (UK) 
chimera – OotP21 (US) 
Chinese Chomping Cabbage OotP16 (US/UK) 
Chinese Fireball (red dragon) GoF19 (US/UK) 
Cho Chang (Ravenclaw, Seeker, one year ahead of Harry) PoA13 (US/UK) 
Chocoballs (candy/sweet full of strawberry mousse and clotted cream) PoA5 (US/UK) 
Chocolate Frog Cards OotP5 (UK) 
Chocolate Frog cards OotP5 (US) 
Chocolate Frogs SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Chudley Cannons (professional Quidditch team) CoS3 (US/UK) 
Cleansweep Fives CoS7 (US/UK) 
Cleansweep Seven SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Cleansweep Eleven (Ron’s new broom) OotP13 (US/UK) 
Cockroach Clusters (candy/sweet from Honeydukes) PoA10 (US/UK) GoF29 (US) 
Cockroach cluster GoF29 (UK) 
Code of Wand Use GoF9 (US/UK) 
Colin Creevey (Gryffindor) CoS6 (US/UK) 
Color-Change Charm OotP31 (US) 
Colour Change Charm OotP31 (UK) 
Colour-Change Ink HBP3 (UK) 
color-change ink HBP3 (US) 
Colloportus! (seals door with odd squelching noise) OotP35 (US/UK) 
Come and Go Room (house-elf name for Room of Requirement) OotP18 (US/UK) 
Comet Two Sixty SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Committee for the Disposal of Dangerous Creatures PoA11 (US/UK) 
Committee on Experimental Charms (Gilbert Wimple) GoF7 (US/UK) 
Common Welsh Green (dragon) SS/PS14 GoF19 (US/UK) 
Confunded (under the Confundus Charm) PoA21 (US/UK) 
Confundus Charm (bewitchment) PoA21 GoF17 (US/UK) 
Confusing Concoction (Potions final exam) PoA16 (US/UK) 
Confusing Draught OotP18 (US/UK) 
Conjunctivitus Curse OotP20 (US/UK) 
Conjuring Spells OotP13 (US/UK) 
Cornelius Fudge SS/PS5 (US/UK) [Cornelius Oswald Fudge OotP8] 
Cornish pixies CoS6 (US/UK) 
Council of Magical Law (court) GoF30 (US/UK) 
counter-curses HBP5 (UK) 
countercurse HBP5 (US) 
counter-jinx GoF31 (US/UK) 
Crabbe, Vincent (Slytherin) SS/PS6 [Vincent PoA5] (US/UK) 
Creevey, Colin (Gryffindor) CoS6 (US/UK) 
Creevey, Dennis (Gryffindor, Colin’s younger brother) GoF12 (US/UK) 
Cribbages Wizarding Crackers GoF23 (UK) 
Cribbage’s Wizarding Crackers GoF23 (US) 
Crookshanks (Hermione’s pet cat) PoA4 (US/UK) 
Cross-Species Switches (Transforming Spells) GoF22 (US/UK) 
Crouch, Barty GoF7 [Bartemius – Jr and Sr GoF16] (US/UK) 
Cruciatus curse GoF14 (UK) 
Cruciatus Curse GoF14 (US) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Crucio! (incantation for Cruciatus curse/Curse) GoF14 (US/UK) 
Crumple-Horned Snorkack (Luna creature) OotP13 (US/UK) 
Crups OotP15 (UK) 
crups OotP15 (US) 
Curse of the Bogies SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
curse-breaker HBP5 (UK) 
Curse-Breaker HBP5 (US) 
curse breakers (in US books: Charm Breakers) GoF10 (UK) 
D.A. (Dumbledore’s Army) OotP18 (US) 
DA (Dumbledore’s Army) OotP18 (UK) 
Daily Prophet SS/PS5 (editor – Barnabus Cuffe) HBP4 (US/UK) 
Dark Arts SS/PS7 (US/UK) PoA18 (UK) GoF9 (US/UK) 
dark arts PoA18 (US) 
Dark creatures GoF14 OotP5 (US/UK) 
Dark curses GoF14 (US/UK) 
dark days CoS10 (UK) 
Dark days CoS10 (US) 
Dark detectors (Sneakoscope, Foe-Glass, etc) GoF20 OotP18 (UK) GoF35 (US/UK) 
Dark Detectors GoF20 OotP18 (US) 
Dark Force Defence League GoF31 (UK) 
Dark Force Defense League GoF31 (US) 
Dark Forces CoS10 (US/UK) 
Dark Lord CoS10 GoF10 (US/UK) 
Dark magic SS11 (US) 
Dark Magic PS11 (UK) SS/PS12 PoA14 GoF2 (US/UK) 
Dark Mark GoF9 (US/UK) 
Dark Order GoF35 (US/UK) 
Dark powers PoA19 (UK) 
dark powers PoA19 (US) 
Dark Side SS/PS4 PoA19 (US/UK) GoF24 (US) 
Dark side GoF24 (UK) 
Dark sorcerer CoS1 (US) 
dark sorcerer CoS1 (UK) 
dark stuff CoS16 (UK) 
Dark stuff CoS16 (US) 
dark wizard SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Dark wizard SS/PS6 (US/UK) CoS11 (US) PoA1 GoF2 OotP12 HBP2 (US/UK) 
Dark Wizard CoS11 (UK) 
Dark-wizard catcher (Auror) GoF11 (UK) 
Dark wizard catcher (Auror) GoF11 OotP3 (US) 
Dark-wizard-catcher (Auror) OotP3 (UK) 
Dearborn, Caradoc (Original Order. Disappeared, no body found) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Death Chamber (room with veiled archway) OotP36 (US/UK) 
Death Eaters GoF9 (US/UK) 
Deathday Party CoS8 GoF21 (UK) 
deathday party CoS8 GoF21 (US) 
Decoy Detonators (WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Decree for the Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery OotP4 (UK) 
Decree for the Restriction of Underage Sorcery OotP2 (US/UK) OotP4 (US) 
Decree for the Restriction of Underage Wizardry CoS5 (US/UK) 
Dedalus Diggle SS/PS1 (US/UK) [Order member OotP3] 
Defence Against the Dark Arts PS5 (UK) 
Defense Against the Dark Arts SS5 (US) 
Deflating Draught CoS11 (US/UK) 
Delacour, Fleur (part Veela/veela, Beauxbatons) GoF16 (engaged to Bill Weasley HBP5) (US/UK) 
Deletrius! (ends Prior Incantato) GoF9 (US/UK) 
Dennis Creevey (Gryffindor, Colin’s younger brother) GoF12 (US/UK) 
Detachable Cribbing Cuffs (cheating device) OotP31 (US/UK) 
Dolores Jane Umbridge, Senior Undersecretary to the Minister OotP8 (US/UK) 
Dementor PoA5 GoF27 OotP1 HBP1 (UK) 
dementor PoA5 GoF27 OotP1 HBP1 (US) 
Dementors’ Kiss PoA12 (UK) 
Dementor’s Kiss PoA12 (US) 
Densaugeo! (causes teeth to grow) GoF18 (US/UK) 
Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures GoF6 (US/UK) [Level Four OotP7] 
Department of International Magical Co-operation (Barty Crouch) GoF5 (UK) 
Department of International Magical Cooperation GoF5 (US) [Level Five OotP7] 
Department of Magical Accidents and Catastrophes (Level Three, MoM) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Department of Magical Catastrophes (magical/Muggle problems) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Department of Magical Games and Sports (Ludo Bagman) GoF5 (US/UK) Level Seven (OotP7} 
Department of Magical Law Enforcement (Amelia Bones) OotP7 (US/UK) [Level Two] 
Department of Magical Transport OotP7 (US) 
Department of Magical Transportation GoF6 (US/UK) [Level Six MoM OotP7] 
Department of Mysteries (top secret/top-secret) GoF7 (US/UK) 
Deputy Headmistress SS/PS4 (US/UK) GoF12 (US) 
deputy headmistress GoF12 (UK) 
Dervish and Banges (magical supplies – Hogsmeade) PoA5 GoF27 (US/UK) 
Derwent, Derwent (Healer – St Mungo’s/Headmistress – Hogwarts 1700s) OotP22 (US/UK) 
Devil’s Snare SS/PS16 (US/UK) 
Diagon Alley SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Diffindo! (splits objects?) GoF20 (US/UK) 
Diggory, Amos (Cedric Diggory’s father) GoF6 (US/UK) 
Diggory, Cedric (captain/Seeker of Hufflepuff Quidditch team) PoA9 (US/UK) 
Dilys Derwent (Healer – St Mungo’s/Headmistress – Hogwarts 1700s) OotP22 (US/UK) 
Dippet, Armando (previous Headmaster) CoS17 (US/UK) 
Disapparate GoF4 (US/UK) 
Disapparated GoF9 (US/UK) 
Disapparating GoF29 OotP1 (US/UK) 
Disarming Charm (Expelliarmus – flash of scarlet light) CoS11 OotP18 (US/UK) 
Disarming spell GoF31 (UK) 
Disarming Spell GoF31 (US) 
Disillusion OotP3 (US/UK) 
Disillusionment Charm OotP3 (US/UK) 
Dissendium (incantation opens the one-eyed witch) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Dissendium! (incantation) PoA10 (UK) 
Divination (North Tower, Trelawney) CoS14 (US/UK) 
Dobby (Malfoy house-elf) CoS2 (US/UK) 
Doge, Elphias (Order member. Silver hair, wheezy voice) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Dolohov, Antonin (DE named by Karkaroff) GoF30 (US/UK) 
Dorcas Meadowes (Original Order. Killed by Voldemort) OotP9 (US/UK) 
double Divination GoF21 (US/UK) 
double Herbology CoS6 (US/UK) 
Double Potions SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
double Potions CoS11 PoA7 GoF27 OotP12 (US/UK) 
Doxycide (black liquid) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Doxys [Doxy OotP6] OotP5 (UK) 
doxies [doxy OotP6] OotP5 (US) 
‘Dr Filibuster’s Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks’ CoS4 (UK) 
Dr. Filibuster’s Fabulous Wet-Start, No-Heat Fireworks CoS4 (US) 
Dr Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction OotP38 (UK) 
Dr. Ubbly’s Oblivious Unction OotP38 (US) 
Draco Malfoy SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
dragon-keepers GoF19 (UK) 
dragon keepers GoF19 (US) 
dragon-killer GoF9 (UK) 
dragon killer GoF9 (US) 
dragon pox - contagious illness – OotP22 (US/UK) 
dragon skin glove OotP19 (US) 
dragonskin gloves OotP19 (UK) 
Draught of Living Death SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Draught of Peace OotP12 (US/UK) 
Drooble’s Best Blowing Gum SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Droobles Best Blowing Gum PoA10 (US/UK) 
Drought Charm (dries up puddles and ponds) GoF26 (US/UK) 
Dudley Dursley (Harry’s cousin) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Dueling Club CoS11 (US) 
Duelling Club CoS11 (UK) 
Dumbledore, Albus Percival Wulfric Brian SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Dumbledore, Aberforth GoF24 (US/UK) 
Dumbledore’s Army OotP18 (US/UK) 
Dungbomb (joke – Zonko’s) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Durmstrang Institute GoF31 (US/UK) 
Dursley, Dudley (Harry’s cousin) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Dursley, Petunia (Harry’s aunt) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Dursley, Vernon (Harry’s uncle) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
eckeltricity (electricity) GoF4 (US/UK) 
ecklectic (electric) GoF4 (US/UK) 
Edgar Bones (Original Order. Amelia Bones’s brother. Killed) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Edible Dark Marks (Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Eeylops Owl Emporium – Tawny, Screech, Barn, Brown, and Snowy PS5 (UK) 
Eeylops Owl Emporium – Tawny, Screech, Barn, Brown, and Snowy SS5 (US) 
Elixir of Life (Philosopher’s/Sorcerer’s stone) SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Elladora Black (Sirius’s aunt. Began house-elf beheadings) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Elphias Doge (Order member. Silver hair, wheezy voice) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Emmeline Vance (Order member. Stately-looking) OotP3 (murdered HBP1) (US/UK) 
end-of-term feast PoA22 (UK) OotP38 (US) 
end of term feast PoA22 (US) 
end-of-term leaving feast OotP38 (UK) 
end-of-year feast SS/PS17 (US/UK) 
end-of-year tests GoF17 (US/UK) 
Enervate! (wake from Stunner – US: Ennervate) GoF9 (UK) 
Engorgement Charm CoS7 GoF4 (US/UK) 
Engorgio! (incantation for Engorgement Charm) GoF14 (US/UK) 
Enlargement Charm OotP26 (US/UK) 
Ennervate! (UK: Enervate) GoF9 (US) 
Entrail-expelling Curse – OotP22 (UK) 
Entrance Hall PS7, PoA5 GoF12 OotP11 (UK) 
entrance hall SS7, PoA5 GoF12 OotP11 (US) 
Entrancing Enchantments CoS13 (US/UK) 
Ernie Prang (driver of the Knight Bus) PoA3 (US/UK) 
Errol (Weasley post owl) CoS3 (US/UK) 
Evan Rosier (DE named by Karkaroff – killed by Aurors) GoF27 (US/UK) 
Evanesco! (objects vanish) OotP5 (US/UK) 
Evening Prophet 
Ever-Bashing Boomerangs GoF12 (US/UK) 
Everard (past Headmaster/portrait – sallow w/ black fringe) OotP22 (US/UK) 
Expecto patronum! (Patronus Charm – silvery) PoA12 (US/UK) OotP31 (UK) 
Expecto Patronum! OotP31 (US) 
Expelliarmus! (Disarming Charm – flash of scarlet light) CoS11 OotP 18(US/UK) 
Exploding Snap CoS12 (US/UK) 
Extendable Ears (Fred/George invention) OotP4 HBP6 (US/UK) 
extinguishing spells GoF19 (UK) 
Extinguishing Spells GoF19 (US) 
Fabian Prewett (Original Order. Killed – Molly Weasley) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Fainting Fancies (Skiving Snackbox sweet) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Famous Witches and Wizards cards SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Fanged Frisbees GoF12 (US/UK) 
Fanged Geranium OotP31 (US/UK) 
Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Fat Friar (Hufflepuff ghost) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Fawkes (phoenix) CoS12 (US/UK) 
Fellytone (telephone) PoA22 (US/UK) 
Fenrir Greyback HBP6 (US/UK) 
Fenwick, Benjy (original Order. Killed) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Ferula (incantation – bandages/splint) PoA19 (US/UK) 
Fever Fudge (Skiving Snackbox sweet) OotP18 (US/UK) 
Fidelius Charm (spell that hides a secret within a living soul) PoA10 (US/UK) 
fifth-year SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Figg, Arabella Doreen (Mrs Figg. Squib) OotP8 (US/UK) 
Filch, Argus (caretaker) SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Filibuster Firework CoS8 (UK) 
Filibuster firework CoS8 (US) CoS11 (US/UK) 
Finch-Fletchley, Justin (Hufflepuff. DA) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Finite Incantatem! CoS11 (US/UK) 
Finnigan, Seamus (Gryffindor) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Fire Crab OotP31 (UK) 
fire-crab OotP31 (US) 
Firebolt PoA4 (US/UK) 
Firenze (centaur: white-blond, sapphire-blue eyes, palomino body) SS/PS15 (US/UK) 
Firewhisky OotP16 (UK) 
firewhisky OotP16 (US) 
first years SS7 OotP11 (US) 
first-years SS/PS7 (US/UK) OotP11 (UK) 
Fizzing Whizzbees (candy/sweet from Honeydukes) PoA10 (US/UK) GoF23 (UK) 
Fizzing Whizbees GoF23 (US) PoA21 (US) 
Flagrate! (used to magically mark an ‘X’) OotP34 (US/UK) 
Flame Freezing Charm PoA1 (US) 
Flame-Freezing Charm PoA1 (UK) 
Flamel, Nicolas SS/PS6 (US/UK) SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Flamel, Perenelle (Nicolas Flamel’s wife) SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Fleetwood’s High-Finish Handle Polish PoA1 (US/UK) 
Fletcher, Mundungus [Order member, ginger hair, thief] CoS3 (US/UK) 
Fleur Delacour (part Veela/veela, Beauxbatons) GoF16 (engaged to Bill Weasley HBP5) (US/UK) 
Flitwick, Filius (Charms teacher) 
Flobberworms PoA8 OotP6 (UK) 
flobberworms PoA8 OotP6 (US) 
Floo Network GoF4 OotP3 (US/UK) 
Floo Network Authority (Dept of Magical Transportation) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Floo Network Regulator (watches fires) OotP28 (US/UK) 
Floo powder CoS4 GoF4 (US/UK) [travelling by Floo powder – OotP3] 
Floo Regulation Panel GoF4 (US/UK) 
Florean Fortescue (dragged off by DEs) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream Parlor PoA4 (US) 
Florean Fortescue’s Ice-Cream Parlour PoA4 (UK) 
Flourish and Blotts (bookstore – Diagon Alley) SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Flutterby Bush GoF20 (US/UK) 
fluxweed CoS10 (US/UK) 
Foe-Glass (Dark Detector/detector) GoF20 OotP18 (US/UK) 
forbidden forest SS8 (US) 
Forbidden Forest PS8 (UK) CoS1 GoF13 (US/UK) 
Forgetfulness Potion PS16 (UK) 
Forgetfulness potion SS16 (US) 
Fountain of Magical Brethren (Atrium, MoM) OotP36 (US/UK) 
Four-Point Spell (wand compass) GoF31 (US/UK) 
four school houses CoS9 (UK) 
four school Houses CoS9 (US) 
fourth year CoS7 OotP11 (US) 
fourth-year CoS7 OotP11 (UK) 
Frank Bryce (Riddles’ gardener) GoF1 (US/UK) 
Frank Longbottom (Neville’s father. Auror. Orig. Order – OotP9) GoF30 (US/UK) 
Fred and George Weasley (4/5 – Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes) 
Freezing Charm CoS6 (US/UK) –use to disable Muggle alarms HBP4 (US/UK) 
Fridwulfa Hagrid (giantess, Hagrid’s mother) GoF24 (US/UK) 
Frog Spawn Soap (joke from Zonko’s) PoA14 (US/UK) 
Fudge, Cornelius SS/PS5 (US/UK) [Cornelius Oswald Fudge OotP8] 
Fudge Flies (candy/sweet from Honeydukes) PoA13 (US/UK) 
full Body-Bind (Petrificus Totalus) SS/PS16 (US/UK) 
Furnunculus! (causes boils) GoF18 (US/UK) 
Furnunculus curse GoF37 (UK) 
Furnunculus Curse GoF37 (US) 
Galleons SS/PS5 GoF6 OotP16 HBP6 (US/UK) 
galleons PoA1 (US/UK) 
Gambol and Japes Wizarding Joke Shop CoS4 (US/UK) 
gamekeeper SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Garrotting Gas OotP32 (UK) 
Garroting Gas OotP32 (US) 
ghosts’ council GoF12 (US/UK) 
Gideon Prewett (Original Order. Killed. Molly Weasley) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Gilderoy Lockhart CoS3 (US/UK) 
Gillywater (drink) PoA10 (UK) 
gillywater (drink)PoA10 (US) 
Gillyweed GoF26 (UK) 
gillyweed GoF26 (US) 
Ginevra “Ginny” Molly Weasley (7) 
Ginger Newts (cookies in McGonagall’s tartan tin) OotP19 (US/UK) 
girls’ bathroom CoS8 (US) 
girls’ toilet CoS8 (UK) 
Gladrags Wizardwear GoF8 (US/UK) 
Gobbledegook (goblin language GoF24) GoF7 (US/UK) 
Goblet of Fire GoF16 (US/UK) 
Goblin Liaison Office (Cuthbert Mockridge) GoF7 (US/UK) [R&C of MC OotP7] 
Goblin Liaison Office (Dirk Cresswell) HBP4 (US/UK) 
goblins SS/PS4 (US/UK) 
Gobstones (wizarding game similar to marbles) PoA4 (US/UK) 
Godric Gryffindor (a founder of Hogwarts) CoS9 (US/UK) 
Godric’s Hollow SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Golden Snitch SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Golgomath – succeeded Karkus as Gurg of the giants – OotP20 (US/UK) 
Goyle, Gregory (Slytherin) SS/PS6 (US/UK) [Gregory PoA5] 
Granger, Hermione Jane (middle name: JKR) SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Grawp (giant – Hagrid’s half-brother) OotP30 (US/UK) 
Great Hall SS/PS7 GoF12 OotP11 (US/UK) 
Greenhouse One Cos6 (UK) 
greenhouse one CoS6 (US) 
Gregory Goyle (Slytherin) SS/PS6 (US/UK) [Gregory PoA5] 
Greyback (Death Eater) HBP2 (US/UK) 
Greyback, Fenrir HBP6 (US/UK) 
Grim (spectral dog that haunts churchyards – death warning) PoA6 (US/UK) 
Grindelwald (previous Dark Lord) SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Grindylow (water demon) PoA8 GoF26 (UK) 
grindylow PoA8 GoF26 (US) 
Gringotts SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Gringotts Wizarding Bank PoA3 (US/UK) 
Griselda Marchbanks (Wizengamot elder, head of Wizarding Examinations Authority) OotP14/31 US/UK) 
Growth Charm OotP31 (US/UK) 
Grubbly-Plank, Wilhemina (Care of Magical Creatures temp) 
Gryffindor SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Gryffindor common room SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Gryffindor, Godric (a founder of Hogwarts) CoS9 (US/UK 
Gryffindor house PS8 PoA22 OotP11 (UK) 
Gryffindor House SS8 PoA22 OotP11 (US) 
Gryffindor house ghost OotP11 (UK) 
Gryffindor House ghost OotP11 (US) 
Gryffindor Quidditch Captain OotP12 (US/UK) 
Gryffindor table SS/PS7 GoF15 (US/UK) 
Gryffindor Tower PS9(UK) SS/PS7 CoS5 PoA5 GoF12 OotP13 (US/UK) 
Gryffindor tower SS9 (US) 
Guaranteed Ten-Second Pimple Vanisher (WWW) HBP6 (UK) 
Guaranteed ten-second pimple vanisher (WWW) HBP6 (US) 
Gubraithian fire – everlasting fire – OotP20 (US/UK) 
Gurg – chief of the giants OotP20 (US/UK) 
Hagrid, Fridwulfa (giantess, Hagrid’s mother) GoF24 (US/UK) 
Hagrid, Rubeus SS/PS1 (US/UK) [Rubeus PS/SS4] 
Hair-Raising Potion CoS13 (US/UK) 
half-blood CoS7 (US/UK) 
Hall of Prophecy (Dept of Mysteries) OotP35 (US/UK) 
Hallowe’en feast PS10 PoA8 GoF16 (UK) 
Halloween feast SS10 PoA8 GoF16 (US) 
Handbook of Do-it-Yourself Broomcare PoA1 (UK) 
Handbook of Do-It-Yourself Broomcare PoA1 (US) 
Harry James Potter SS/PS1 OotP8 (US/UK) 
Hawkshead Attacking Formation (Quidditch move) GoF8 (US/UK) 
He Who Must Not Be Named CoS2 PoA16 GoF24 OotP12 (UK) 
He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named CoS2 PoA16 GoF24 OotP12 (US) 
head boy/girl SS6 (US) 
Head Boy/Girl PS6 (UK) CoS9 PoA1 OotP10 (US/UK) 
head of Gryffindor House SS/PS8 (US/UK) GoF12 (US) 
Head of Gryffindor house GoF12 (UK) 
Head of house GoF13 (UK) 
Head of House GoF13 (US) OotP9 HBP5 (US/UK) 
Head of Slytherin House SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
head of Slytherin House PoA7 (US) 
Head of Slytherin house PoA7 (UK) 
Headless Hats (Weasley twins joke shop merchandise) OotP24 (US/UK) 
Headless Hunt CoS8 (US/UK) 
Headmasters of Hogwarts PoA11 (UK) 
headmasters of Hogwarts PoA11 (US) 
Headquarters (for the OotP) HBP3 (UK) 
headquarters HBP3 (US) 
Heads of Houses CoS14 OotP38 (US/UK) 
Healers (“doctors” – lime-green robes w/ embroidered emblem: crossed wand and bone) OotP22 (US/UK) 
Hebridean Black (dragon) SS/PS14 (US/UK) 
Hedwig (Harry’s post owl) SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Helga Hufflepuff (a founder of Hogwarts) CoS9 (US/UK) 
Heliopaths (fire spirits – Fudge’s army according to Luna) OotP16 (UK) 
heliopaths OotP16 (US) 
heptomology (Divination) OotP25 (UK) 
Heptomology (Divination) OotP25 (US) 
Herbology SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Hermes (Percy’s post owl) CoS3 (US/UK) 
Hermione Jane Granger (middle name: JKR) SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Hestia Jones (Order member. Pink-cheeked, black-haired) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Hiccough Sweets (joke – Zonko’s) PoA14 (UK) 
Hiccup Sweets (joke – Zonko’s) PoA14 (US) 
High Inquisitor (Umbridge) OotP15 (US/UK) 
Hinkypunks (lures people into bogs) PoA9 (UK) 
hinkypunks PoA9 (US) 
High Table (staff table) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
hippogriff PoA6 HBP3 (US) 
Hippogriff PoA6 HBP3 (UK) 
History of Magic (Binns) SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Hit Wizards (go after magical criminals) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Hog’s Head (pub in Hogsmeade) SS/PS16 (US/UK) 
Hogsmeade (only entirely non-Muggle settlement in Britain) PoA1 (US/UK) 
Hogsmeaders (people from Hogsmeade) OotP25 (US/UK) 
Hogwarts: A History PS7 GoF11 OotP17 (UK) 
Hogwarts, A History SS7 (US) PoA9 (US/UK) GoF11 OotP17 (US) 
Hogwarts Castle OotP11 (US/UK) 
Hogwarts Express SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Hogwarts Express (sign) SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Hogwarts headmasters and headmistresses CoS9 (US/UK) 
Hogwarts house(s) GoF15 OotP11 (UK) 
Hogwarts House(s) GoF15 OotP11 (US) 
Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry SS/PS4 (US/UK) 
Holyhead Harpies (professional Quidditch team – capt: Gwenog Jones) HBP4 (US/UK) 
Homorphus Charm CoS10 (US/UK) 
Honeydukes (candy/sweetshop – Hogsmeade) PoA5 (Ambrosius Flume) HBP4 (US/UK) 
Hooch, Rolanda (Flying teacher) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Horace Slughorn (Potions, Slug Club) HBP4 (US/UK) 
hospital wing SS/PS8 (US/UK) CoS10 (US) PoA9 GoF29 (US/UK) 
Hospital Wing (Lockhart used – only time capitalised) CoS10 (UK) 
House Championship PS7 (UK) PoA12 (US/UK) PoA22 (UK) 
House championship PoA22 (US) 
house championship SS7 (US) 
house common rooms CoS14 (UK) 
House common rooms CoS14 (US) 
House Cup PS7 (UK) 
house cup SS7 (US) 
house player CoS7 (UK) 
House player CoS7 (US) 
house points SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
house Quidditch team(s) CoS1 OotP11 (UK) 
House Quidditch team(s) CoS1 OotP11 (US) 
house tables GoF12 OotP11 (UK) 
House tables GoF12 OotP11 (US) 
house team CoS4 PoA1 (UK) 
House team CoS4 PoA1 (US) 
house-elf CoS2 (US/UK) GoF8 (US/UK) 
houses GoF12 (UK) 
Houses GoF12 (US) 
Hover Charm (Dobby and the pudding) CoS2 (US/UK) 
Howler CoS6 GoF10 OotP2 (US/UK) 
Hufflepuff SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Hufflepuff, Helga (a founder of Hogwarts) CoS9 (US/UK) 
Hungarian Horntail (black dragon) GoF19 (US/UK) 
Hurling Hex (possible jinx on Harry’s Firebolt) PoA12 (US/UK) 
Ice Mice (candy/sweet from Honeydukes) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Igor Karkaroff (headmaster of Durmstrang. DE) GoF15 (US/UK) [Igor GoF23] 
Impediment Jinx – GoF29 (UK) OotP19 (US/UK) 
Impediment Curse – GoF29 (US) 
Impedimenta! (incantation for Impediment Jinx/Curse) GoF31 (US/UK) 
Imperio! (incantation for the Imperius curse/Curse) GoF14 (US/UK) 
Imperius curse – GoF14 (UK) 
Imperius Curse – GoF14 (US) OotP5 (US/UK) 
Imperturbable Charm (silencing spell) OotP4 (US/UK) 
Imperturbed (had charm used on) OotP4 (US/UK) 
Imperturbable (state of an object under the Charm) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Impervius! (water repelling spell on Harry’s glasses) PoA9 (US/UK) 
Impervius Charm OotP18 (US/UK) 
Improper Use of Magic Office GoF5 (US/UK) [Dept of MLE OotP7] 
Inanimatus Conjurus OotP14 (US) 
Inanimatus Conjurus Spell OotP14 (UK) 
Incarcerous! (ropes fly of midair and bind target) OotP33 (US/UK) 
Incendio! (lights fire in grates) GoF4 (US/UK) 
Inferi (plural – bewitched corpses) HPB3/4 (US/UK) 
Inferius (singular) HBP3 (US/UK) 
Inner Eye (Trelawney) PoA6 (US/UK) 
Instant Darkness Powder (from Peru – WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
insufferable know-it-all (Snape to Hermione) PoA9 (US/UK) 
inter-departmental memos (pale violet paper aeroplanes) OotP7 (UK) 
Interdepartmental memos (pale violet paper airplanes) OotP7 (US) 
Inter-House Championship – GoF12 (US/UK) 
inter-house Quidditch Cup – GoF12 (UK) 
Inter-House Quidditch Cup – GoF12 (US) 
inter-house unity OotP12 (UK) 
inter-House unity OotP12 (US) 
International Ban on Duelling – GoF23 (UK) 
International Ban on Dueling – GoF23 (US) 
International Code of Wizarding Secrecy – GoF26 (US/UK) 
International Confederation of Warlocks’ Statute of Secrecy – OotP2 (UK) 
International Confederation of Wizards – GoF17 (US/UK) 
International Confederation of Wizards, British Seats (Dept of IMC) OotP7 (US/UK) 
International Confederation of Wizards’ Conference – GoF18 (US/UK) 
International Confederation of Wizards’ Statute of Secrecy – OotP2 (US) 
International Magical Office of Law (Dept of Intl Magical Coop) OotP7 (US/UK) 
International Magical Trading Standards Body (Dept of Intl Magical Coop) OotP7 (US/UK) 
International Statute of Secrecy – OotP4 (US/UK) 
Intruder Charm (alarm) HBP4 (US/UK) 
Invigoration Draught OotP29 (US/UK) 
Invisibility Booster (Ford Anglia) CoS5 (US/UK) 
Invisibility Cloak PS12 (UK) CoS14 (US/UK) PoA3 (US/UK) OotP2 (US/UK) 
invisibility cloak SS12 (US) 
Invisibility section (part of library) CoS11 (US/UK) 
Invisibility Spell OotP24 (US/UK) 
Inquisitorial Squad (students under Umbridge) OotP28 (US/UK) 
Irish International Side PoA4 (US/UK) 
Irma Pince (librarian) 
James Potter (Harry’s father) 
Jelly-Legs SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Jelly-Legs Jinx GoF31 (US/UK) 
Jelly Slugs (candy/sweet from Honeydukes) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Jigger, Arsenius SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Jones, Hestia (Order member. Pink-cheeked, black-haired) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Jorkins, Bertha (MoM – Dept of Magical Sports. Killed by LV) GoF1 (US/UK) 
Jugson (Death Eater – fought at MoM) OotP35 (US/UK) 
Junior Assistant to the Minister (Percy’s position under Fudge) OotP4 (US/UK) 
Justin Finch-Fletchley (Hufflepuff. DA) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
kappas (water-dwelling scaly monkeys that strangle) PoA8 (US) 
Kappas PoA8 (UK) GoF14 (US/UK) 
Karkaroff, Igor (headmaster of Durmstrang. DE) GoF15 (US/UK) [Igor GoF23] 
Karkus – Gurg of the giants OotP20 (US/UK) 
Keeper of the Keys and Grounds at Hogwarts SS/PS4 (US/UK) 
Keeper (Quidditch position) SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Kelpies CoS7 (US/UK) 
Kenmare Kestrels (professional Quidditch team) OotP11 (US/UK) 
killing curse (Avada Kedavra) GoF14 (UK) OotP36 (US/UK) 
Killing Curse GoF14 (US) HBP3 (US/UK) 
King’s Cross station SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Kingsley Shacklebolt (Order member. Auror. Tall black wizard) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Knarl quills OotP9 (UK) 
knarl quills OotP9 (US) 
Kneazles OotP15 (UK) 
kneazles OotP15 (US) 
Knight Bus PoA3 (US/UK) 
Knockturn Alley CoS4 (US/UK) 
knotgrass CoS10 (US/UK) 
know-it-all SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Knuts SS/PS5 GoF7 OotP5 (US/UK) 
Kreacher (Black family house-elf) OotP4 (US/UK) 
Krum, Viktor (Bulgarian Quidditch team Seeker – Durmstrang) GoF5 (US/UK) 
KWIKSPELL A Correspondence Course in Beginner’s Magic CoS8 (UK) 
KWIKSPELL A Correspondence Course in Beginner’s Magic CoS8 (US) 
Kwikspell course CoS8 (US/UK) 
lacewings CoS10 (US/UK) 
Leaky Cauldron (pub in London – Diagon Alley/Muggle London) 
Leaving Feast GoF37 (US/UK) OotP38 (UK) 
Leg-Locker Curse (Locomotor Mortis) SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Legilimency OotP24 (US/UK) 
Legilimens! (incantation to use Legilimency) OotP24 (US/UK) 
Legilimens (practitioner of Legilimency) OotP37 (US/UK) 
lemon drop (lemon sherbet in UK) SS1 (US) 
lemon ice lolly PS2 (UK) 
lemon ice pop SS2 (US) 
Lestrange, Bellatrix Black (DE. Married to Rodolphus Lestrange) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Lestrange, Rabastan (DE. Rodolphus’s brother) Oot96 (US/UK) 
Lestrange, Rodolphus (DE. Married to Bellatrix Black) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Levitation Charm OotP31 (US/UK) 
Licorice Wands SS6 (US) 
Lily Evans Potter (Harry’s mother) 
Liquorice Wands PS6 (UK) 
Little Hangleton (Riddles town) GoF1 (US/UK) 
Little Hangletons (villager of Little Hangleton) GoF1 (US/UK) 
Little Whinging, Surrey (Dursleys’ town) SS/PS3 (US/UK) 
Lockhart, Gilderoy CoS3 (US/UK) 
Locomotion Charms OotP31 (UK) 
locomotion charms OotP31 (US) 
Locomotor Mortis (Leg-Locker Curse) SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Locomotor trunk (moves trunk) OotP3 (UK) 
Locomotor Trunk OotP3 (US) 
Longbottom, Alice (Neville’s mother) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Longbottom, Augusta (Neville’s grandmother) HBP3 (US/UK) 
Longbottom, Frank GoF30 (US/UK) 
Longbottom, Neville SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Love Potion CoS13 GoF27 (US/UK) 
Lovegood, Luna (AKA Loony. Ravenclaw. Ginny’s year) OotP10 (US/UK) 
Lucius Malfoy (Draco’s father, DE) CoS3 (US/UK) 
Ludicrous Patents Office (MoM, Level Seven) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Ludo Bagman (Dept of Magical Games and Sports) GoF5 (US/UK) [Ludovic GoF30] 
Lumos! (incantation to light wand) PoA10 (UK) 
Lumos! PoA10 (US/UK) GoF9 (UK) 
lumos! GoF9 (US) 
Luna Lovegood (AKA Loony. Ravenclaw. Ginny’s year) OotP10 (US/UK) 
lunascope PoA4 (US/UK) GoF18 (US) 
Lunascopes GoF18 (UK) 
Lupin, Remus John 
Macnair, Walden (Ministry executioner. DE) PoA16 (US/UK) [Walden PoA21] 
Moody, Alastor “Mad-Eye” GoF11 (US/UK) [Alastor GoF17] 
Madam Hooch, Rolanda (Flying teacher) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Madam Malkin’s – HBP6 (US/UK) 
Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions PS5 (UK) 
Madam Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions SS5 (US) OotP14 (UK) 
Madame Malkin’s Robes for All Occasions OotP14 (US) 
Madam Pince, Irma (librarian) SS/PS12 (US/UK) 
Madam Poppy Pomfrey SS/PS1 (US/UK) [Poppy PoA5] 
Madam Pomfrey, the matron CoS8 (UK) 
Madam Pomfrey, the nurse CoS8 (US) 
Madam Puddifoot’s (teahouse) OotP25 (US/UK) 
Madam Rosmerta (proprietor of the Three Broomsticks) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Madame Maxime (headmistress of Beauxbatons) GoF15 (US/UK) [Olympe GoF37] 
magical contract GoF16 (US/UK) 
Magical Law Enforcement PoA22 (US/UK) 
Magical Law Enforcement Patrol (Ministry police) PoA10 (UK) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Magical Law Enforcement Squad (Ministry police) PoA10 HBP3 (US/UK) 
Magical Maintenance (custodians at MoM) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Magical Menagerie (magical-creature shop) PoA4 (US/UK) 
Magorian (centaur: high cheekbones, black hair, chestnut body) OotP30 (US/UK) 
Malfoy, Draco SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Malfoy, Lucius (Draco’s father, DE) CoS3 (US/UK) 
Malfoy, Narcissa Black (Draco’s mother. Lucius’s wife) GoF8 – AKA Cissy HBP2 (US/UK) 
Mandrake Draught CoS17 (US/UK) 
Mandrake Restorative Draught CoS9 (US/UK) 
Mandrakes (Mandragora) CoS6 (US/UK) 
Manticore PoA11 (UK) 
manticore PoA11 (US) 
Marauder’s Map PoA10 GoF25 (US/UK) 
Marchbanks, Griselda (Wizengamot elder, head of Wizarding Examinations Authority) OotP14/31 US/UK) 
Marlene McKinnon (original Order. Killed) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Master (Voldemort) PoA10 GoF33 (US) 
master (Voldemort) PoA10 GoF33 (UK) 
McGonagall, Minerva (Transfiguration teacher) SS/PS4 (US/UK) 
McKinnon, Marlene (original Order. Killed) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Meadowes, Dorcas (Original Order. Killed by Voldemort) OotP9 (US/UK) 
mediwizards (emergency medical personnel) GoF8 (US/UK) 
Memory Charms CoS3 (US/UK) 
Mer-chieftainess Murcus (leader of the merpeople) GoF26 (UK) 
Merchieftainess Marcus GoF26 (US) 
Mermish (merpeople language) GoF7 (US/UK) 
Metamorph-Medals (fake – to change appearance 10G) HBP5 (US/UK) 
Metamorphmagi (plural) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Metamorphmagus OotP3 (US/UK) 
Metamorphosing (verb) HBP5 (US/UK) 
Millicent Bagnold (Minister before Fudge) OotP5 (US/UK) 
Millicent Bulstrode (Slytherin) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Mimbulus mimbletonia (grey cactus-like plant w/ boils) OotP10 (US/UK) 
Minerva McGonagall (Transfiguration teacher) SS/PS4 (US/UK) 
Minister of Magic CoS4 (US/UK) PoA3 (US) 
Minister for Magic PoA3 (UK) 
Ministry of Magic SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Mirror of Erised SS/PS1212 (US/UK) 
Misuse of Muggle Artefacts Office CoS3 (UK) 
Misuse of Muggle Artifacts Office CoS3 (US) 
Moaning Myrtle CoS8 (US/UK) 
Mobiliarbus! (incantation to move a tree) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Mobilicorpus (incantation to move a body – standing position) PoA19 (US/UK) 
Molly Prewett Weasley (mother) 
Mollywobbles (Arthur’s nickname for Molly) 
Moony, Wormtail, Padfoot and Prongs (Marauder’s Map) PoA9 (US/UK) 
MORSMORDRE! (the Dark Mark) GoF9 (US/UK) 
Mosag (Aragog’s wife) CoS15 (US/UK) 
Most-Charming-Smile Award CoS6 (US/UK) 
Moste Potente Potions CoS9 (US/UK) 
Mr Filch, the caretaker PS7 (UK) 
Mr. Filch, the caretaker SS7 (US) 
Mrs Figg PS2 (UK) 
Mrs. Figg SS2 (US) 
Mrs Norris PS8 (UK) 
Mrs. Norris SS8 (US) 
‘Mrs Skower’s All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover’ CoS9 (UK) 
Mrs. Skower’s All-Purpose Magical Mess Remover CoS9 GoF18 (US) 
Mrs Skower’s All-Purpose Magical Mess-Remover GoF18 (UK) 
Mudblood CoS7 GoF9 (US/UK) 
Muggle Studies CoS14 (US/UK) 
Muggle-baiting OotP8 (US/UK) 
Muggle-born CoS7 GoF19 OotP3 HBP4 (US/UK) 
Muggles SS/PS1 (US/UK) GoF9 (US/UK) 
Muggle-Repelling Charms GoF8 (UK) 
Muggle Repelling Charms GoF8 (US) 
Muggle-repelling charms GoF11 (US) 
Muggle-Worthy Excuses Committee (Dept of MA&C) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Mulciber (DE named by Karkaroff – specialised in Imperius curse) GoF30 (US/UK) 
Mundane (Hermione at Divination) PoA15 (UK) 
mundane PoA15 (US) 
Mundungus Fletcher [Order member, ginger hair, thief] CoS3 (US/UK) 
Murtlap tentacles OotP15 (UK) 
murtlap tentacles OotP15 (US) 
N.E.W.Ts (Nastily Exhausting Wizarding Tests) PoA16 (UK) 
N.E.W.T.s PoA16 OotP12 (US) 
NEWTs OotP12 (UK) 
Nagini GoF1 (US/UK) 
Narcissa Malfoy (Draco’s mother. Wife to Lucius Malfoy) GoF8 – Cissy HBP2 (US/UK) 
Nargles – OotP21 (UK) 
nargles – OotP21 (US) 
Nearly Headless Nick (Gryffindor ghost) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Neville Longbottom (Gryffindor, DA) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Newt Scamander SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Nicolas Flamel SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Nifflers GoF28 (UK) 
nifflers GoF28 (US) 
Nimbus Two Thousand SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
‘Nimbus Two Thousand and One’CoS7 (UK) 
Nimbus Two Thousand and One CoS7 (US) 
non-magic PS4 (UK) CoS6 PoA1 (US/UK) 
nonmagic SS4 (US) 
North Tower (Divination class location) PoA6 (US/UK) 
Norwegian Ridgeback (dragon) SS/PS14 (US/UK) 
Nose-Biting Teacup (joke from Zonko’s) PoA14 (US/UK) 
Nosebleed Nougat (Skiving Snackbox sweet) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Nott, Theodore (Slytherin) OotP26 (US/UK) 
Nox PoA16 (US/UK) 
number four, Privet Drive SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
number twelve, Grimmauld Place OotP3 (US/UK) 
Nymphadora Tonks (Order member. Metamorphmagus. Auror) OotP3 (US/UK) 
O.W.L.s CoS4 (US/UK) PoA16 GoF5 OotP12 (US) HBP5 (US/UK) 
O.W.Ls (Ordinary Wizarding Levels) PoA16 GoF5 (UK) 
OWLs OotP12 (UK) 
O.W.L. results HBP4 (US/UK) 
Obliteration Charm (used to get rid of footprints) OotP20 (US/UK) 
Obliviate! CoS16 (UK) 
Obliviate! CoS16 (US) 
Obliviator (Accidental Magic Reversal Squad) GoF7 (Office of Misinformation) HBP1 (US/UK) 
Obliviator Headquarters (Dept of MA&C) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Occlumency OotP24 (US/UK) 
Occlumens OotP24 (US/UK) 
Office for the Detection and Confiscation of Counterfeit Defensive Spells and Protective Objects (new dept headed by Arthur Weasley) HBP5 (US/UK) 
Office of Misinformation (Oblivators modify Muggle memory) HBP1 (US/UK) 
Official Gobstones Club (MoM, Level Seven) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Ogden, Tiberius (Wizengamot elder) OotP14 (US/UK) 
Ogden’s Old Firewhisky CoS6 (US/UK) GoF10 (UK) 
Ogden’s Old Firewhiskey GoF10 (US) 
Ogg (gamekeeper before Hagrid) GoF31 (US/UK) 
Oliver Wood, Captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team PoA8 (US) 
Oliver Wood, captain of the Gryffindor Quidditch team PoA8 (UK) 
Ollivander (disappeared, shop empty) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Ollivanders Makers of Fine Wands PS5 (UK) 
Ollivanders Makers of Fine Wands SS5 (US) 
Omnioculars GoF7 (US/UK) 
Orb (crystal ball, Divination class) PoA15 (US/UK) 
orb GoF21 (US/UK) 
Orchideous! (flowers from wand tip) GoF18 (US/UK) 
Order of Dismissal (sacks teacher from Hogwarts) OotP26 (UK) 
order for your dismissal OotP26 (US) 
Order of Merlin SS/PS4 (US/UK) 
Order of the Phoenix OotP3 (US/UK) 
Ordinary Wizarding Levels (O.W.L.) CoS4 (US/UK) 
ornithomancy (Divination) OotP25 (UK) 
Ornithomancy (Divination) OotP25 (US) 
Ottery St Catchpole (location of The Burrow) CoS3 (UK) 
Ottery St. Catchpole (location of the Burrow) CoS3 (US) 
Owl Treats GoF10 OotP6 (US/UK) 
owlery SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Owlery (West Tower) PoA8 GoF14 OotP14 (US/UK) 
Padma Patil (Ravenclaw) GoF22 (US/UK) 
Parselmouth CoS11 (US/UK) 
Parseltongue CoS11 (US/UK) 
Patented Daydream Charms (Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Partial Vanishment OotP26 (US/UK) 
Patronus (conjured by Patronus Charm – Anti-Dementor) PoA12 (US/UK) 
Patronus Charm PoA12 (US/UK) 
Parvati Patil (Gryffindor) SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Patil, Padma (Ravenclaw) GoF22 (US/UK) 
Patil, Parvati (Gryffindor) SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Pensieve GoF30 (US/UK) 
Pepper Imps (candy/sweet – make you smoke at the mouth) PoA5 (US/UK) 
Pepper-up Potion GoF26 (UK) 
Pepperup Potion CoS8 (UK) GoF26 (US) 
Pepperup potion CoS8 (US) 
Percy Ignatius Weasley (3 – MoM) 
Perenelle Flamel (Nicolas Flamel’s wife) SS/PS13 (US/UK) 
Perkins (works with Mr Weasley. Stooped, timid-looking, fluffy white hair) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Permanent Sticking Charm (back of Mrs Black’s portrait) OotP5 (US/UK) 
Peskipiksi Pesternomi (unsuccessful Lockhart spell) CoS6 (US/UK) 
Pest Advisory Bureau (Dept for the R&C of MC) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Peter Pettigrew (Wormtail) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Pettigrew, Peter (Wormtail) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Petrificus Totalus (full Body-Bind) SS/PS16 (US/UK) 
Petrified CoS9 (US/UK) 
Petunia Dursley (Harry’s aunt) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
phials SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Philosopher’s Stone PS13 (UK) 
Phineas Nigellus Black(Sirius’s g-g-grandfather. Headmaster of Hogwarts) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Phineas Nigellus Black(portrait:clever-looking w/ pointed beard dressed in Slytherin colours) OotP22 
phoenix CoS12 (US/UK) 
Piers Polkiss (Dudley’s friend) SS/PS (US/UK) 
Pince, Irma (librarian) 
Pigwidgeon (AKA Pig – Ron’s post owl) GoF5 (US/UK) 
platform nine and three-quarters SS/PS6 GoF37 (US/UK) 
Platform Nine and Three-Quarters (sign) SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Pocket Sneakoscope (miniature glass spinning top) PoA1 (US/UK) 
Podmore, Sturgis (Order member. Square jaw, thick straw-coloured hair) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Polyjuice Potion CoS9 GoF25 (US/UK) 
Pomfrey, Poppy (nurse) SS/PS1 (US/UK) [Poppy PoA5] 
Pomona Sprout (Herbology teacher) 
Poppy Pomfrey (nurse) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Porlocks OotP15 (UK) 
porlocks OotP15 (US) 
Porskoff Play (Quidditch move) GoF8 (US/UK) 
Portable Swamp (Weasley prank) OotP29 (US/UK) 
Portkey (transport set to go off a specified time) GoF6 OotP3 (US/UK) 
Portkey Office (Dept of Magical Transportation) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Portus! (spell to turn object into a Portkey – trembles w/ blue glow) OotP22 (US/UK) 
post owls GoF15 (US/UK) 
potion-making SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Potion master’s OotP28 (UK) 
Potions master’s OotP25 (US) 
Potions (class dungeons Snape) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Potions master CoS1 PoA5 GoF12 GoF35 (US/UK) 
Potions master (Snape calls himself) CoS9 (US/UK) 
Potter, Harry James SS/PS1 OotP8 (US/UK) 
Potter, James (Harry’s father) 
Potter, Lily Evans (Harry’s mother) 
Prang, Ernie (driver of the Knight Bus) PoA3 (US/UK) 
Prefect PS6 PoA9 GoF15 OotP9 (UK) 
prefect SS6 PoA9 GoF15 (US) OotP9 HBP6 (US/UK) 
Prefects’ bathroom GoF23 (UK) 
prefects’ bathroom GoF23 (US) 
Prewett, Fabian (Original Order. Killed – Molly Weasley) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Prewett, Gideon (Original Order. Killed – Molly Weasley) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Pride of Portree (Professional Quidditch team) OotP25 (US/UK) 
Pringle, Apollyon (previous caretaker) GoF31 (US/UK) 
Prior Incantato! (Incantation – tells last spell a wand performed) GoF9 (US/UK) 
Priori Incantatem (reverse spell effect) GoF36 (UK) 
Priori Incantatem (Reverse Spell effect) GoF36 (US) 
Professor Binns (History of Magic – ghost - male) SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Professor Flitwick, Filius (Charms – head/Head of Ravenclaw - male) SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Professor Grubbly-Plank, Wilhemina (Care of Magical Creatures temp – female) GoF24 (US/UK) 
Professor Wilhemina Grubbly-Plank (short grey hair, pipe, occ monocle) OotP17 (US/UK) 
Professor Kettleburn (previous Care of Magical Creatures teacher - male) PoA5 (US/UK) 
Professor McGonagall, Minerva (Transfiguration – female) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor house CoS5 (UK) 
Professor McGonagall, Head of Gryffindor house PoA5 (UK) 
Professor McGonagall, head of Gryffindor House CoS5/PoA5 (US) 
Professor Quirrell, Quirenius (Defense/Defence Against the Dark Arts) SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Professor R.J. Lupin (Defense/Defence Against the Dark Arts, werewolf) PoA5 (US/UK) 
Professor Severus Snape, master of this school (Snape refers to self) PoA14 (US/UK) 
Professor Sinistra (Astronomy – female – danced with Moody) GoF23 (US/UK) 
Professor Snape (Potions – head/Head of Slytherin) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Professor Sprout, Pomona (Herbology – Head of Hufflepuff - female) SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Professor Trelawney, Sybill, Sibyll (Divination) PoA6 (US/UK) 
Professor Vector (Arithmancy – female) PoA12 (US/UK) 
Prophet, Daily 
Prophet, Evening 
Prophet, Sunday 
Protean Charm (used on DA Galleon as signal for meetings) OotP19 (US/UK) 
Puddlemere United (professional Quidditch team – Oliver Wood) GoF7 (US/UK) 
Puffapod (plant – Herbology) PoA8 (UK) 
puffapod PoA8 (US) 
Puffskeins OotP6 (UK) 
puffskeins OotP6 (US) 
Puking Pastilles (Skiving Snackbox sweet) OotP6 (US/UK) 
pumbles (plumbers) OotP7 (US/UK) 
pumpkin fizz (drink) PoA13 (US/UK) 
Pumpkin Pasties SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
pure-blood (as adj in US/UK, noun in UK) CoS7 (US/UK) GoF8 (UK) OotP6 (US/UK) 
purebloods (used as noun in US) GoF8 (US) OotP6 (US) 
pure-blood OotP35 HBP3 (UK) 
pureblood OotP35 HBP3 (US) 
Purge & Dowse Ltd (Dept store that hides St Mungo’s) OotP22 (US/UK) 
Put–Outer SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Pygmy Puffs (WWW – miniature puffskeins) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Quaffle (Quidditch ball – Chasers) SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
‘Quality Quidditch Supplies’ CoS4 (UK) 
Quality Quidditch Supplies CoS4 (US) 
Quick-Quotes Quill GoF18 (US/UK) 
Quidditch SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Quidditch Captain HBP6 (US/UK) 
Quidditch Cup PS9 (UK) PoA8 (US/UK) 
Quidditch cup SS9 (US) 
Quidditch World Cup PoA22 (US/UK) 
Quietus (ends Sonorous Charm) GoF8 (US/UK) 
Quirenius Quirrell (Defense/Defence Against the Dark Arts) 
Quirrell, Quirenius (Defense/Defence Against the Dark Arts) 
Rabastan Lestrange (DE. Rodolphus’s brother) Oot96 (US/UK) 
Ravenclaw SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Ravenclaw, Rowena (a founder of Hogwarts) 
Reasonable Restriction of Underage Sorcery OotP2 (US/UK) 
Red Caps (goblin-like, they lurk around bloodshed) PoA8 (US/UK) 
Reducio (incantation to reduce object) GoF14 (US/UK) 
Reducto! (incantation – Reductor Curse) GoF31 (US/UK) 
Reductor curse (blast objects out of the way) GoF31 (UK) 
Reductor Curse GoF31 (US) 
Registry of Proscribed Charmable Objects (Muggle artifacts/artefacts) GoF7 (US/UK) 
Regulus Black (Sirius’s younger brother. DE. Killed – LV’s orders) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Relashio! (sent hot water while in lake) GoF26 (US/UK) 
Remembrall SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Remedial Potions – OotP23 (US) 
remedial Potions – OotP23 (UK) 
Remus John Lupin PoA18 (US/UK) 
Reparo (repair shattered glass) OotP26 (UK) 
Reparo! OotP26 (US) 
Restricted Section SS/PS12 GoF26 (US/UK) 
Reusable Hangman (Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes) 
Revealer (looks like red eraser) CoS13 (US/UK) 
reverse spell effect (Priori Incantatem) GoF36 (UK) 
Reverse Spell effect (Priori Incantatem) GoF36 (US) 
Rictusempra (Tickling Charm – jet of silver light) CoS11 (US/UK) 
riddikulus! PoA7 (UK) 
Riddikulus! PoA7 (UK) 
Riddikulus! PoA7 (US) 
Riddle House GoF1 (US/UK) 
Riddle, Tom (Voldemort’s father) 
Riddle, Tom Marvolo (Voldemort) 
Rita Skeeter (reporter for the Daily Prophet) GoF10 (US/UK) 
Rodolphus Lestrange (DE. Married to Bellatrix Black) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Rolanda Hooch (Flying teacher) 
Ronald “Ron” Bilius Weasley (6) 
Ronan (centaur: red hair/beard, chestnut body, reddish tail) SS/PS15 (US/UK) 
Rookwood, Augustus (DE named by Karkaroff. Spy. Dept of Mysteries) GoF30 (US/UK) 
Room of Requirement (house-elf: Come and Go Room) OotP18 (US/UK) 
Rosier, Evan (DE named by Karkaroff – killed by Aurors) GoF27 (US/UK) [Evan GoF30] 
Rowena Ravenclaw CoS9 (US/UK) 
Rubeus Hagrid SS/PS1 (US/UK) [Rubeus PS/SS4] 
Rufus Scrimgeour (Minister of/for Magic) HBP1 (US/UK) 
S.P.E.W. (Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare) GoF14 (US/UK) OotP9 (US) 
SPEW (Hermione uses) OotP9 (UK) 
Salamander CoS8 (UK) 
salamander CoS8 (US) 
Salazar Slytherin (a founder of Hogwarts) CoS9 (US/UK) 
saleswizard GoF7 (US/UK) 
Scabbers (Ron’s pet rat, Pettigrew) SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Scamander, Newt SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
school governors PoA7 (US/UK) 
Scourgify (Incantation – Scouring Charm) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Scouring Charm GoF14 (US/UK) 
Screaming Yo-yos GoF12 (US/UK) 
Screechsnap seedlings OotP25 (US/UK) 
Scrimgeour – OotP7 Rufus (Minister of/for Magic) HBP1 (US/UK) 
Scrivenshaft’s Quill Shop (Hogsmeade) OotP16 (US/UK) 
scrofungulus – contagious illness – OotP22 (US/UK) 
Seamus Finnigan (Gryffindor) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
second-year CoS4 (US/UK) CoS9 (UK) 
second year CoS9 (US) 
Secrecy Sensor (Dark Detector/detector) GoF20 OotP18 (US/UK) 
Secret-Keeper (Fidelius Charm cast on this person) PoA10 (US/UK) OotP6 HBP2 (US) 
Secret Keeper OotP6 HPB2 (UK) 
See (crystal-gazing with Orb/crystal ball, Divination class) PoA15 (US/UK) 
Seeing Eye OotP12 (US/UK) 
Seeker (Quidditch position) SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Seers PoA6 (US/UK) 
Self-Correcting Ink (cheating device) OotP31 (US/UK) 
Self-Inking (quill – WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Self-Shuffling playing cards CoS3 (US/UK) 
Serpensortia! CoS11 (US/UK) 
Serpent-tongue (nickname for Salazar Slytherin) CoS11 (US/UK) 
Severing Charm GoF23 (US/UK) 
Severus Snape SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
Shacklebolt, Kingsley (Order member. Auror. Tall black wizard) OotP3 (US/UK) 
sherbet lemon (US: lemon drop) PS1 (UK) 
Shield Charm (deflects minor curses) GoF31 (US/UK) 
Shield Cloaks (Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Shield Glove (WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Shield Hats (WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Shock Spells (psychiatric treatment at St Mungo’s) OotP26 (US/UK) 
Shooting Star (school broom – old model) PoA10 (US/UK) 
Shrieking Shack PoA5 (US/UK) 
Shrinking Potions PoA1 (UK) 
shrinking potions PoA1 (US) 
Shrinking Solution (bright acid-green potion) PoA7 (US/UK) 
shrivelfig PoA7 (US) 
Shrivelfig PoA7 (UK) 
Shunpike, Stan (conductor on the Knight Bus) PoA3 (US/UK) 
Sickles SS/PS5 GoF7 OofP5 (US/UK) 
Signs (brought by Inner Eye – Divination) PoA15 (US/UK) 
Side-Along-Apparition (for those underage for Apparition License) HBP3 (US/UK) 
Silencing Charm (incantation: Silencio) OotP18 (US/UK) 
Silencio (Silencing Charm) OotP18 (US/UK) 
Silver Arrow (old style broom) PoA13 (US/UK) 
Sir Nicholas de Mimsy-Porpington (Nearly Headless Nick) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Sirius Black SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Skeeter, Rita (reporter for the Daily Prophet) GoF10 (US/UK) 
Skele-Gro CoS10 (US/UK) 
‘Skele-Gro’ (label) CoS10 (UK) 
Skele-Gro (label) CoS10 (US) 
Skiving Snackboxes (WWW – a line of sweets to make you ill) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Sleekeazy’s Hair Potion GoF24 (US/UK) 
Sleeping Draught CoS12 (US/UK) GoF19 (UK) 
Sleeping Draft GoF19 (US) 
sleeping potion SS/PS8 (US/UK) 
Sleeping Potion (purple potion for dreamless sleep) GoF36 (US/UK) 
Sloth Grip Roll (Quidditch move) OotP18 (US/UK) 
slug-vomiting charm OotP19 (US) 
Slug-vomiting Charm OotP19 (UK) 
Slughorn, Horace (Potions, Slug Club) HBP4 (US/UK) 
Slytherin SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Slytherin captain PS11 (UK) 
Slytherin Captain SS11 (US) OotP19 (US/UK) 
Slytherin house CoS9 (UK) GoF12 (UK) 
Slytherin House CoS9 (US) GoF12 (US) 
Slytherin, Salazar (a founder of Hogwarts) CoS9 (US/UK) 
Smart-Answer (quill – WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Smeltings (Dudley’s school) SS/PS3 (US/UK) 
Snape, Severus 
Sneakoscope (Dark Detector/detector) PoA5 GoF20 OotP18 (US/UK) 
Snitch (Quidditch ball – Seeker) SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Snivellus (derogatory nickname for Snape) OotP28 (US/UK) 
Snivelly OotP28 (US/UK) 
Snuffles (nickname for Sirius Black) GoF27 (US/UK) 
Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare (S.P.E.W.) GoF14 (US/UK) 
Sonorus! (voice amplification charm) GoF8 (US/UK) 
Sorcerer’s Stone SS13 (US) 
Sorted SS/PS7 (US/UK) GoF12 (US) 
sorted PS7 GoF12 (UK) 
Sorting Ceremony SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Sorting Hat SS/PS7 GoF12 OotP11 (US/UK) 
Sorting SS/PS7 GoF12 OotP11 (US/UK) 
spattergroit (magical skin affliction) OotP23 (US/UK) 
Spell-Checking (quill – WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Spellotape CoS6 GoF10 (US/UK) 
S.P.E.W – Society for the Promotion of Elfish Welfare – GoF14 (US/UK) 
Spinner’s End (street where Snape lives) HBP2 (US/UK) 
splinched GoF6 (US/UK) 
spokesgoblin SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
spokeswizard OotP25 (US/UK) 
Sprout, Pomona (Herbology teacher) 
Squib CoS9 (US/UK) 
St Brutus’s Secure Centre for Incurably Criminal Boys PoA2 (UK) 
St. Brutus’s Secure Center for Incurably Criminal Boys PoA2 (US) 
St Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries GoF8 (UK) 
St. Mungo’s Hospital for Magical Maladies and Injuries GoF8 (US) 
staff-room PS8 PoA7 OotP17 (UK) 
staff room SS8 (US) PS11 PoA7 OotP17 (UK) 
staffroom SS11 PoA7 OotP17 (US) 
staff table CoS5 GoF12 OotP11 (US/UK) 
Stan Shunpike (conductor on the Knight Bus) PoA3 (US/UK) 
start-of-term SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
start-of-term banquet SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
start-of-term feast GoF12 (US/UK) 
Statute of Secrecy OotP2 OotP11 (US/UK) 
Stealth Sensoring Spells OotP32 (US/UK) 
Stinging Hex (weal like a scorch mark) OotP24 (US/UK) 
Stink Pellets (Zonko’s – Hogsmeade) PoA8 (US/UK) 
Stinksap (from the Mimbulus mimbletonia plant) OotP10 (US/UK) 
Strengthening Solution OotP14 (US/UK) 
Stretching Jinx(es) HBP5 (US/UK) 
Study of Ancient Runes CoS14 (UK) 
study of Ancient Runes CoS14 (US) 
Stun (use Stunning Spell on) GoF29 (US/UK) 
Stunned (hit with Stunner) GoF9 (UK) GoF29 (US/UK) 
stunned GoF9 (US) 
Stunners (charm – incantation: Stupefy. Flash of red light GoF35) GoF9 (US/UK) 
Stunning Spell GoF19 (US/UK) 
STUPEFY! (shouted – fiery red light) GoF9 (US/UK) 
Sturgis Podmore (Order member. Square jaw, thick straw-coloured hair) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Substantive Charm OotP31 (US/UK) 
sugar quills (candy/sweet – Honeydukes) PoA5 (US/UK) 
Sugar Quill GoF29 (US/UK) 
Summon (use a Summoning Charm) GoF26 (US/UK) 
Summoning Charm (Accio) GoF6 (US/UK) 
Sunday Prophet 
Susan Bones (Hufflepuff, DA member) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Swedish Short-Snout (blue gray/grey dragon) GoF19 (US/UK) 
Swelling Solution CoS11 (US/UK) 
Switching Spells SS/PS9 GoF15 (US/UK) 
Sibyll Trelawney PoA6 (US) 
Sybill Trelawney PoA6 (UK) 
Tail-Twig Clippers (broom care) PoA1 (US/UK) 
Tarantallegra! CoS11 (US/UK) 
teachers’ table PoA5 GoF12 (US/UK) 
Ted Tonks (Muggle-born. Married to Andromeda Black. Tonks father) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Tenebrus (Thestral/thestral – first born to Hogwarts herd) OotP21 (US/UK) 
tenpin bowling SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
the Daily Prophet SS/PS5 (editor – Barnabus Cuffe) HBP4 (US/UK) 
the Evening Prophet CoS5 (US/UK) 
the boy who lived SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
the Boy Who Lived OotP38 (US/UK) 
The Burrow CoS4 GoF4 OotP1 (UK) 
the Burrow CoS4 GoF4 OogP1 (US) 
the Chosen One (HP) HBP3 (US/UK) 
the/his Cloak (Invisibility Cloak) PS15 HBP3 (UK) 
the/his cloak SS15 HBP3 (US) 
The Dream Oracle, by Inigo Imago (Divination) OotP12 (US/UK) 
the dream team (Snape uses) CoS11 (US/UK) 
the Forest (Forbidden Forest) CoS7 GoF12 OotP11 (UK) 
the forest (Forbidden Forest) CoS7 GoF12 OotP11 (US) 
the Hall (Great Hall) CoS5 (US/UK) PoA9 (UK) OotP11 (US/UK) 
the hall (Great Hall) PoA9 (US) 
the Hanged Man (Little Hangleton pub) GoF1 (US/UK) 
the Hat (Sorting Hat) GoF12 OotP11 (UK) 
the hat GoF12 OotP11 (US) 
the Headmaster CoS5 OotP12 (UK) 
the headmaster CoS5 OotP12 (US) 
The Healer’s Helpmate (home healing) HBP5 (US/UK) 
the Hog’s Head (pub in Hogsmeade) OotP16 (US/UK) 
the Houses OotP11 (US) 
the houses OotP11 (UK) 
the Kiss (Dementors’ Kiss) PoA21 (UK) 
the kiss (dementor’s kiss) PoA21 (US) 
The Knight Bus (as written on the bus) PoA3 (US/UK) 
the Leaky Cauldron SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
the magical world SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
the Manor (Malfoy home) CoS12 (UK) 
the manor (Malfoy home) CoS12 (US) 
the Mark (the Dark Mark) GoF9 (US/UK) 
the Mirror (Erised) SS/PS12 (US/UK) 
the mirror SS12 
The Monster Book of Monsters 
the Order (Order of the Phoenix) OotP5 (US/UK) 
the prophecy OotP35 (US/UK) 
The Quibbler (magazine) OotP7 (US/UK) 
The Salem Witches’ Institute (sign – American school) GoF7 (UK) 
the Sight (Trelawney) PoA6 (US/UK) 
the Stone SS/PS17 (US/UK) 
the Sunday Prophet OotP38 (US/UK) 
the teachers’ table CoS13 (US/UK) 
the Three Broomsticks (inn – Hogsmeade) PoA8 (US/UK) 
Theodore Nott (Slytherin) OotP26 (US/UK) 
Thestrals OotP17 (UK) 
thestrals OotP17 (US) 
third years CoS8 PoA1 (US) 
third-years CoS8 PoA1 (UK) 
Three Broomsticks (pub in Hogsmeade) 
Tiberius Ogden (Wizengamot elder) OotP14 (US/UK) 
Tickling Charm (Rictusempra – jet of silver light) CoS11 (US/UK) 
Time Room (Dept of Mysteries) OotP35 
Time-Turner PoA21 OotP15 (US/UK) 
Tom Riddle (Voldemort’s father) GoF1 (US/UK) 
Tom Marvolo Riddle CoS13 (US/UK) 
Ton-Tongue Toffee (Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes) GoF5 (US/UK) 
Tonks, Andromeda Black (Tonks mother. Ted Tonks’s wife) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Tonks, Nymphadora (Order member. Metamorphmagus. Auror) OotP3 (US/UK) 
Tonks, Ted (Muggle-born. Married to Andromeda Black. Tonks father) OotP6 (US/UK) 
Toothflossing Stringmints (candy/sweet from Honeydukes) PoA10 (US/UK) 
top table (teachers’ table) GoF12 (US/UK) 
Trainee Healer OotP23 (US/UK) 
transfiguration (verb) SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Transfiguration (class) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Transfiguration Today PoA4 (US/UK) 
Transforming Spells (Transfiguration) GoF22 (US/UK) 
Transmogrifian Torture (possibly no such spell – Lockhart) CoS9 (US/UK) 
Travers (DE named by Karkaroff – murdered the McKinnons) GoF30 (US/UK) 
treacle fudge CoS7 (US) 
treacle toffee CoS7 (UK) 
Trelawney, Cassandra (celebrated Seer, g-g-grandmother to Sybill/Sibyll) OotP14 (US/UK) 
Trelawney, Sibyll PoA6 (US) 
Trelawney, Sybill PoA6 (UK) 
Trevor (Neville’s pet toad) SS/PS5 (US/UK) 
Trip Jinx OotP27 (US/UK) 
Triwizard Cup GoF12 (US/UK) 
Triwizard Tournament GoF12 (US/UK) 
Truth Potion (Veritaserum) GoF27 (US/UK) 
Tutshill Tornados (professional Quidditch team) OotP10 (US/UK) 
Twilfitt and Tatting’s (wizarding robe shop in Diagon Alley) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Twitchy Ears (hex) GoF28 (US/UK) 
Umbridge, Dolores Jane (Senior Undersecretary to the Minister) OotP8 (US/UK) 
Unbreakable Charm (keeps glass from breaking) GoF37 (US/UK) 
Unbreakable Vow (wizard oath sealed by Bonder) HBP2 (US/UK) 
Uncle Bilius (Ron’s deceased uncle – Ron’s middle name) PoA6 (US/UK) 
Unfogging the Future by Cassandra Vablatsky 
Unforgivable Curses GoF14 (US/UK) 
Unplottable GoF11 (US/UK) OotP6 HBP3 (US) 
uplottable – OotP6 HBP3 (UK) 
Unspeakables (Department of Mysteries) GoF7 OotP24 (US/UK) 
Untransfigure OotP29 (US/UK) 
Vampire Hunter GoF9 (UK) 
vampire hunter GoF9 (US) 
Vance, Emmeline (Order member. Stately-looking) OotP3 (murdered HBP1) (US/UK) 
vanishing spell CoS6 (UK) 
Vanishing Spell CoS6 OotP13 (US) 
Veela (singular/plural) GoF8 (UK) 
veela GoF8 (US) 
Venomous Tentacula CoS6 (US/UK) 
Venomous Tentacula seeds (Class C Non-Tradeable Substance) OotP9 (US/UK) 
Veritaserum (Truth Potion) GoF27 (US/UK) 
Verity (shop asst for WWW) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Vernon Dursley (Harry’s uncle) SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
Viktor Krum (Bulgarian Quidditch team Seeker – Durmstrang) GoF5 (US/UK) 
Vincent Crabbe (Slytherin) SS/PS6 [Vincent PoA5] (US/UK) 
Voldemort SS/PS1 (US/UK) 
WWN (Wizarding Wireless Network) GoF22 (US/UK) 
Waddiwasi! (spell to remove gum from keyhole – shot at Peeves) PoA7 (US/UK) 
Walden Macnair (Ministry executioner. DE) PoA16 (US/UK) [Walden PoA21] 
Wand Weighing ceremony GoF18 (UK) 
wand weighing ceremony GoF18 (US) 
wandlight CoS15 GoF28 (US/UK) GoF31 (US) 
wand-light GoF31 (UK) 
wandpoint CoS16 (US/UK) 
Wartcap powder OotP6 (US/UK) 
watchwizard (security wizard, term not in US book) OotP9 (UK) 
Weasley SS/PS6 (US/UK) 
Weasley, Arthur (father – MoM) 
Weasley, Bill (1 – curse-breaker) 
Weasley, Charlie (2 – dragon-keeper) 
Weasley, Fred and George (4/5 – Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes) 
Weasley, Ginevra “Ginny” Molly (7) 
Weasley, Molly Prewett (mother) 
Weasley, Percy Ignatius (3 – MoM) 
Weasley, Ronald “Ron” Bilius (6) 
Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-bangs (5 Galleons: Basic Blaze 20: Deflagration Deluxe) OotP28 (UK) 
Weasleys’ Wildfire Whiz-Bangs (fireworks) OotP28 (US) 
Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes GoF10 (UK) 
Weasleys’ Wizard Wheezes GoF10 (US) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes GoF5 (UK) 
Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes (ninety-three, Diagon Alley) OotP29 (US/UK) 
Weasleys’ Wizarding Wheezes GoF5 (US) 
Weighing of the Wands GoF18 (US/UK) 
Weird Sisters (wizard band) GoF22 (US/UK) 
Welcome Witch – front desk of St. Mungo’s – OotP23 (US) 
welcomewitch – front desk St Mungo’s – OotP23 (UK) 
Welcoming Feast GoF15 (US/UK) 
Whizzing Worms (Zonko’s) PoA8 (US/UK) 
Whomping Willow CoS5 PoA9 (US/UK) 
Wilkes (DE killed by Aurors) GoF27 (US/UK) 
Wimbourne Wasps (professional Quidditch team) GoF6 (US/UK) 
Wingardium Leviosa SS/PS10 (US/UK) 
Winky (Crouch house-elf, female) GoF8 (US/UK) 
Wit-Sharpening Potion GoF27 (US/UK) 
Witch Weekly CoS6 GoF27 (US/UK) 
Witherwings (aka Buckbeak) HBP3 (US/UK) 
wizard chess SS/PS12 (US/UK) 
wizard crackers SS/PS12 (US/UK) 
wizard gold PoA3 (US/UK) 
Wizard High Court (Wizengamot) OotP5 (US/UK) 
wizard law SS/PS16 (US/UK) 
wizard prison PoA3 (US/UK) 
wizard’s duel SS/PS9 (US/UK) 
wizard’s wireless (radio) GoF22 (US/UK) 
wizarding community OotP5 OotP11 HBP1 (UK) 
Wizarding community OotP5 OotP11 HBP1 (US) 
Wizarding Examinations Authority (administers OWLs/NEWTs) OotP31 (US/UK) 
wizarding families OotP25 (UK) 
Wizarding families OotP25 (US) 
wizarding family CoS9 (US/UK) 
wizarding friends PoA1 (US/UK) 
wizarding hospital OotP31 (UK) 
Wizarding hospital OotP31 (US) 
wizarding law GoF14 (US/UK) 
wizarding newspaper PoA1 (US/UK) 
wizarding schools GoF7 (US/UK) 
wizarding village PoA1 (US/UK) 
wizarding world CoS1 PoA1 GoF2 (US/UK) HBP3 (UK) 
Wizarding world HBP3 (US) 
wizardkind CoS6 (US/UK) OotP6 (UK) 
Wizard-kind OotP6 (US) 
Wizengamot (Wizard High Court) OotP5 (US/UK) 
Wizengamot Administration Services (Dept of MLE) OotP7 (US/UK) 
Wizengamot Charter of Rights OotP8 (US/UK) 
Wolfsbane Potion PoA18 (US/UK) 
WonderWitch products (WWW – love potions) HBP6 (US/UK) 
Wood, Oliver (Gryffindor Quidditch captain) PoA8 
World Cup match SS/PS11 (US/UK) 
Wronski Feint (dangerous Seeker move) GoF8 (US/UK) 
Yaxley (Death Eater) HBP2 (US/UK) 
You-Know-Who SS/PS1 (US/UK) CoS3 (US) PoA10 GoF2 OotP5 (US/UK) 
You Know Who CoS3 (UK) 
Yule Ball GoF22 (US/UK) 
Zabini, Blaise (Slytherin) SS/PS7 (US/UK) 
Zonko’s Joke Shop (Hogsmeade) PoA8 (US/UK) OotP16 (US) 
Zonko’s Wizarding Joke Shop OotP16 (UK)

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