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Featured Fics for September & October 2009

This month's featured stories showcase Percy Weasley in some manner (though in our Chaos area, we are woefully bereft of any).


Reckoning by odogoddess (L)
The war is finally over and Severus Snape is waiting for justice to be done. Ten years lat.…

An Ever-Fixed Mark by SimplyScribbling (L)
In a post-war Hogwarts, 7th year Hermione Granger is subject to the Ministry's latest foo…


Fiendfyre by septentrion (C)
Severus unwittingly visits Nightfall Island. Crossover with the Sons of Destiny ser…

href="">Queer Eye for the Snape Guy by ShagsTheDustmop (B)
Hermione, Ron, and Harry arrange for the Fab 5 to travel to Hogwarts to give Professor Sna…

Eros & Sappho

To Ev'ry Wandering Bark, A Star by juniperus (L)
Two lost souls, resigned to loneliness, meet by chance: a tale of rapport and rediscovery tol…

Control by Rilla (L)
Remus visits Percy at work, hoping to help him reconcile with the Weasley clan. He dis.…


Left Alone by shontose (S)
The horrible things a Malfoy can do have only begun….

Dear Ron by HumanTales (S)
Percy writes a letter to his youngest brother....

Fallen by furiosity (W)
In a room with a white ceiling and a view to the street, Percy looks out the window and wat...


Touches in the Dark by Yulara (W)
Snape survives DH, but ends up in a coma. The Ministry is paranoid and orders strict obs…

Dumbledore's Secret by sophierom (W)
Voldemort never fully trusted Severus Snape when he returned to the Death Eaters. So, whe.…

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